There is a difference in just doing things for God and doing things for God for the right reasons. Our reason is just as important as the actual act, no matter what it is. If we have wrong motives for doing whatever we’re doing for God it won’t work and we’ve already lost the reward even before we’ve even gotten it. We really must check our motives. The truth is if we’re not doing things for the right reasons or even in His strength we’re gonna get tired and warn out. The Bible says we should grow up and be immature in our understanding of God and His Word. God is a God of His Word.

We can store up a reward for hereafter or only receive our reward when men see us and praise us. We want a lasting reward. By God’s grace we can do all things. Not things that will be burned up in the judgment but will sustain and prove true to the end.

God gives people words to speak on behalf of Him. I believe this is a Word for the church. CHECK YOUR MOTIVES. If they aren’t right you’re doing things in vain. It’s ok if they are. Repent from your heart and ask God to help you make it right. He’s the only One that can. That’s the KEY. He’s Your saving grace.

How beautiful are the feet of those that carry the Gospel.. The gates of hell will not prevail.

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