I think when we’re not seeing God right things in our life will be misaligned. We will experience unbalance, unease, unrest. The Bible says we are to strive to enter into rest with God. Because when we’re resting in God we’re at peace because we’re trusting in Him entirely.

Jesus is always the answer. The Bible is the Living Word of God. Pull out your sword to fight the enemy with. Read it out loud to cut the enemy in half. The Bible tells us to submit ourselves to God. Resist the devil and he will flee. Is your life balanced between wins and losses? Or is it lopsided. One side heavier than the other? If so which side is winning the battles? Are you more than a conqueror through Christ or less than a conqueror through your own strength?

Reach out to Him because He’s there waiting for you.

Be strong in the Lord and His MIGHTY POWER (Ephesians 6). No matter how many times the enemy attacks me God always heals me. Satan will strike my brain trying to defeat me. I always run to the Word of God and feel the touch of God almost instantly on my brain.

He wants you to experience Him and His power. Open yourself up to Him. Receive a touch from God. He’s just waiting on you to call on Him to be your answer, to be your hero.

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