Food for thought..

Romans 14:17-19 TPT

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of rules about food and drink, but is in the realm of the Holy Spirit, filled with righteousness, peace, and joy. Serving the Anointed One by walking in these kingdom realities pleases God and earns the respect of others. So then, make it your top priority to live a life of peace with harmony in your relationships, eagerly seeking to strengthen and encourage one another. (Romans 14:17-19)

OH how we limit God working in our lives by our understanding.. God is NOT limited in His Power. We can limit God doing things in our lives because He gives us freedom to choose to allow Him to demonstrate His power in and through us. He will not make us do anything and He will allow us to choose that. What if there’s more to your life than just you? Would your perspective change and the anointing of God change on your life to help you do what God has already chosen for you to do with your life? What if it’s not about being right or wrong in your minds eye? But about harmony between believers and portraying a Living God to a lost world? Put your pride aside, humble yourself under the Mighty Hand of God and receive what you need so you can be a testimony of God’s grace. To get ahold of the heart of God we have to admit He’s our only way and if He doesn’t come through than nothing will happen.

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