Seer gift

Watching Ana Warner on ISN tonight she was talking about the Seer gift and what it entailed. She also prayed at the end. I had a memory immediately come to my mind as she was speaking. It was about when I spoke to a former Pastor of mine at an addiction ministry I was involved in. I spoke what God put in my mouth that night to him. I didn’t plan what I would say but I know God spoke through my mouth because it was like music coming out of me. It all made sense and was said in such a way that it was beautiful sounding and it just came out of me. I said there was no reason for all these addicts to be dying. They should be finding freedom in Jesus. I also said something concerning their need to be taught about spiritual warfare. I remember the Pastor just blew me off. I left that night shaking my head because he had missed God speaking directly to him.

Ana said that was something Seers or Prophets do. They speak on behalf of God. I knew God had filled my mouth at that instant to speak a ready word in due season to him but he’d missed it.

Ana prayed specifically to anyone who had tried to speak to a Pastor that had been shot down. She said that it had stunted that gifting in them and she began praying for them. I knew she was speaking directly to me. She prayed for ministering angels to be sent and that God would release my gifting. I knew God was speaking to me. He brought that instance to my mind when He did. And I did my best to receive that prayer.

God is speaking to me even now. He wants me to enter into these new heights and new places with Him. Please Lord restore that Seer gift within me for Your use, and Your glory God.

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