The Spiritual Realm

This realm is more real than our natural, physical realm. I used to have a mentor many years ago tell me this and I’m not sure that I understood this like I do now. We have to get revelation knowledge to understand the things we face and battle in our bodies, in our families, in every part of our lives all begin in the spiritual realm long before it enters our reality in the natural realm. I want to share what God has helped me to understand much better that I believe is going to be the key that is changing my entire life and may very well help your too.

I have had many things over the years that God has used to change my life. My health over the years is something I keep pretty private beyond sharing with family and close friends for prayer. I have battled certain things since the head injury I endured in the year 2000. Things I really believed that would never go away because of that injury. And I spoke that out loud and to myself many times over the years. Because also I had many Dr.’s that told me this would never go away and I believed them.

I never experienced healing in the supernatural realm while growing up. To a certain point, as I got older and got married I started to believe in supernatural healing because I and my husband had experienced it in small ways in our own lives. When we had times where we went without health insurance we would pray in faith for healing, go to bed and wake up healed. We never spoke to anyone about this and my own thoughts were if we did it might spoil what we were experiencing, so we kept these things to ourselves. I honestly thought that the issue I had in my brain, due to the head injury, was a consequence of my decisions and was too big of an issue to be taken care of in this manner.

It wasn’t until I got to a place of frustration in the last year that I cried out to God for understanding and deliverance concerning these issues. I had done everything I knew to do in the natural but things weren’t changing for the better. They actually seemed to be getting worse and I pressed into the Lord concerning this. One day He spoke through my sister in a dream that she had about an open door I had in my life.

I honestly had these things that came to my mind over the years and I kept them to myself but I just kept casting them off in Jesus name or I never really thought too much about sharing them with anyone to get freedom from them. I just got into God’s Word and tried meditating on it and I just ignored the thoughts.

This is when I considered them and started to break soul ties I had made in my younger years when I was sexually active. As a matter of fact, there was a guys face that would come to my mind here and there that I had worked with right before I was in that car accident 23 years ago that I could never understand why. I remembered being sort of attracted to that guy and there may have been a time I was with him sexually but I just don’t remember. When I started naming guys to break soul ties with he was one I thought of but I couldn’t even remember his name however I did my best to break that soul tie. After I did that I couldn’t even remember what he looked like.

This was just the beginning of what had to take place in the spiritual realm to affect my physical life. God had been speaking to me for a long time about getting rid of things that I had in my possession from my past. Things like pictures, items that maybe I received from old boyfriends that I’d stuck in a box and carried around everywhere I had gone or moved that I really didn’t think much about. And after I broke soul ties, Mike my husband had a revelation that God spoke to him concerning these things. He said I needed to burn these items. So him and I went through our book shelf, our collection of cds, and through old pictures to toss in our backyard to burn. I didn’t even look through that entire box to see what I should keep. I just thought if this was the answer to that torment I had endured for many years, I just wanted to throw that entire box into that pile, and get rid of it; with exception of a small collection of our wedding pictures and a picture I had of my family with my dad in it from when I was a kid.

It was cold outside that day. there was snow on the ground so I just watched from the sliding glass door as he lit the fire pit up. He tossed that box into the fire and as soon as he did I felt something snap and change in my head. I can’t explain it but I really felt like it was something in the spiritual realm that had changed. I know I felt from that day forward that my brain was healing and and I have a true hope that I will never again experience what I had for the last twenty- something years in my brain. I had an appointment with a specialist for this issue in my brain that next week and I still went because, before this instance, had seemed to be getting worse. However I still have not completely made any decisions about making any changes that he’s suggested. And nor have I had any issues like I was having, and I feel like I may not have to anymore because that infirmity is gone. And I hope in my heart that I can be rid of all treatments regarding this.

I had a friend that came over to my house not too long after burning these items and confirmed even without me sharing with her about destroying these items that this was the answer. She immediately started to share with me about a class she had just been to concerning destructive items and getting rid of them. I took that as confirmation that what we did was an answer. Praise God.

I now see that sickness comes on a person not for any reasonable reason. I endured a brain injury that “should have life long effects.” What a lie the enemy tricked me into believing for far too many years. I walked in bondage to something that I could have been free of when the truth reigns in my life and all doors to the enemy are closed.

We put up with torment of the enemy because there’s an open door in the spiritual realm that gives him a way in, a legal right, to wreak havok in our lives. God is Jehovah Rapha and that means He is the Lord who heals (Ex 15:26, Ps 103:3, Mark 2:1-12). If you deal with sickness in your body don’t embrace it because God wants you to walk in the freedom that His Son died for you to have. Start praying and asking God to show you the open door in your life that needs to be closed so that you can walk in freedom and be a living testimony of God’s grace to a lost and dying world (Eph 4:27). Who knows maybe you’ll be the answer to someone’s prayer concerning the proof of God’s existence?

The Bible gives us clear direction concerning things we need to do here on this earth. In James 4:7 it says, “Submit yourself to God. Resist the devil and he will flee.” What does it mean to submit? This is crucial to be under God. That means He is the only God of my life. I consult Him about every decision I make. I stop and listen for His answer and do what He tells me to because I live in obedience to Him first. I make time for Him first in my life. We are only responsible for what we know about God. However we are responsible for growing in our understanding. There’s never a time for us to be settled in our faith. I really believe if we’re under Him, that is submitting to Him, He will reveal Himself to us in new ways. He will give us answers and show us things about ourselves that need to be changed. And we are responsible for seeking Him to have Him do that work within us. Serving Him is not a way out of growing and changing. We should do so only while He reveals more to us and we are His tools being sharpened to do what He’s already decided for us to do. We have to be hungry for more of Him. If we aren’t there’s something off in our lives and we need to evaluate our lives to question who or what is first in our lives. And ask Him to help us make Him first priority.

My name Laura Eve which means a crown of victory and life. Only when I am submitting to God and His ways will this be true. I have accomplished some pretty neat things in my life, over the years, when I am completely submitted and surrendered to God. I will have a victorious life through Christ and His truth. I have to see myself as He sees me and only then I can walk in victory.

The Bible says we’re to give no place to the enemy. What places are you giving to him that effect your life negatively? Are you questioning these things or are you just accepting them as truth. I want to challenge you to read this and consider the spiritual realm as something that really exists, and may be affecting you and fight the good fight of faith by Christ’s power. Throw up your shield of faith, question your circumstances and do all the Holy Spirit leads you to do. Walk in victory as Christ is your answer and allow your life to change for the better and be a testimony of His living grace.


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