The music we’re listening to has alot to do with what we believe. If we declare over and over something out loud because it’s a song lyric we start to believe it. It can work the same way with the Bible. Whatever we tell ourselves again and again becomes our truth. The bibsays Whatever a man thinks so is he.

My husband and I were in a restaurant yesterday and on the radio were all these songs from my high-school years. It made me believe they were aiming to get our generation to eat at their restaurant. Because we are the age with young families. Who doesn’t want to eat somewhere where they enjoy the atmosphere because of the music?

It just made me reflect on how powerful music really is. I recall listening to alot of angry musicians that spouted off evil lyrics and how it just added to my struggle and the stronghold of anger. It had a death grip on me and led me to make so many bad decisions because of the way I viewed my life.

Where’s your perspective coming from? Who’s influencing it? Are you stuck in your own mind, with perspectives that hold you captive? What is the answer for freedom? Jesus. He transforms you with His truth. You can say that I don’t know what I’m talking about but I am a testimony to God’s grace and it working. He’s changed my perspective immensely in 21 years. I’m not perfect and I’m still a work in progress but I’m along ways from where I was then.

Where are you headed and where will it end? I can tell you that your decisions have consequences. And you will suffer them here and hereafter if you don’t confess Jesus and believe in your heart that He died for your sins and He rose to conquer the enemy forever. (Romans 3:23,6:23,5:8,10:9-10)

Life is not all about meat and drink, nor about possessions, money and power. If that’s all you got you got an empty life and empty heart. Open yours to Him because He wants you a part of His Kingdom family forever. We must humble ourselves to receive Him. Then we will have someone to bring everything to. Especially when things happen in our lives or around us that we just don’t understand.

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