Be Careful what you think about you just might get it..

Something I have been relearning lately is just this. I really have been learning the power of the enemy when I open a door to him with my thoughts. I give him much more power than I want to when I allow him to guide my thoughts. How do I know if he’s guiding my thoughts you might ask? If my thoughts aren’t lining up with the what the Word says then this is how I know. How can I see if this is true in my life? If I am experiencing things I ought not to be because I’m allowing my mind to wander. I do not control my thoughts, they control me. They lead my words outwardly and they veer my thoughts inwardly. What things am I experiencing that I do not want to be a part of my life? I do not want to make it easier for the enemy to steer my life by putting me out or make things harder for me. I need to fight back using the Word. I have seen many victories in my life because I’ve used the Word as God designed it to be; like a sword to pierce through the enemies plans for me by speaking it out loud or meditating upon it.

I have been proud and this has led me nowhere. I have had unforgiveness in my heart from my past. These things ought not to be. God says that I’m to humble myself under His Mighty Hand so that He can lift me up. I am to forgive as Christ has forgiven me. These things are in the Bible. If I’m walking in outright disobedience I’m gonna be stuck. But if I truly repent and seek wholeness from the Word I will find healing. I believe this is an answer for a really long battle I have faced; a physical battle that I can’t find an answer to why I still battle this. There is no physical answer. It’s Spiritual. I have opened a door that I ought not to. I am closing this now. I am believing for Supernatural healing that will not come otherwise.

I am telling the enemy to get out and binding up, casting out and closing any doors to any strongholds that have been opened because of these internal battles. I am done with making it easy for Satan to stomp all over me. I have dealt with a battle for too many years and I don’t want to waste anymore. My life is worth more than this.

Dear friends I hope this helps you to really consider if some of these struggles I share will make you see similar battles in your own life. I pray for FREEDOM for you.

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4.7)

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