Brothers and sisters in Christ we don’t do Spiritual things bc we are trying to check a list off but BC we need God to move. We pray fervently to a God who loves His children and like a good father won’t if u ask for a fish give you a snake instead. If we are evil and know how to give good gifts how much more will our Heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask Him (Matt 7.9-12). This means asking God not in a passive way but coming to Him and asking Him w a pure heart just like the widow came to the judge seeking justice (Luke 18.1-8). She came again and again until her request was granted. What do u need? How long have u been asking? Is your petitioning not working bc you’ve been persistent in your prayers? Try asking God differently. Ask Him to reveal the answer. He’s waiting bc He wants to answer bc He’s a GOOD FATHER.

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