Deeper Please

Gods Word is truth. We can either swim around in deep truths or we can wade in the shallow waters of the Gospel. In retrospect I can see how God takes a willing person from glory to glory. I can also see how some can get stagnant in their walks because of sheer boredom.

Sometimes we read the Bible and interpret a verse one way on the surface. But when we’re tuned into deeper teachings of the Word it can open your eyes to new truths that you can walk in and transform your life. And if I ask whose gonna raise their hand to say they don’t want that?

Sometimes we can get bored and frustrated in our walks with the Lord and one way to avoid that is to ask God to teach you. Start listening to new preaching and new teachers. Then you can venture into new territory with the Lord. Then when you obtain new characteristics of Christ you can walk in a vibrancy for all to see. Psalms 138:6,8 says, ‘Though the Lord is high yet He has respect for the lowly.. But the proud He knows from a distance.’ In order to be teachable we have to cast down our pride. Realize we don’t know it all. This sets is up to experience God in BIG ways.

Job 8:6-7 says ” …if you are pure and upright, then he will move even now on your behalf and restore the home where your righteousness dwells. Then, even if your beginnings were modest, your final days will be full of prosperity.”

To be pure is to be clean. Proverbs 20:11 says,” Even a young man is known by his actions —by whether his behavior is pure and upright.” Are you clean because of yourself or because of Jesus? The answer to this will lead you in one of two directions. Hopefully it leads to a prosperity and blessing others can see.

Prosperity comes in all different forms. It could be financially. It could be relationally. It could be emotionally. It could be spiritually. When I started writing this blog I had the thought that more truth is given to those who are faithful with little. We can prosper in the Lord. Walk in victory over everything in our lives. We can have a vibrant relationship with God.

I challenge you this week to ask God to teach you. To step out and listen to different teachers. To receive more understanding. See what happens in your life when you do that. The Bible says that God’s got so much blessing for you that you cannot contain it all. Receive what is rightfully yours in Christ. Go as deep as you can into the waters. Don’t wade around in the shallow end.. See what happens.

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