A New Thing

How well do you think you’re senses function? Good, somewhat or not at all? In the physical realm how well do you hear, taste, see and smell? How do these senses help you to function better in the world around you?

What about in the Spiritual realm? Are you a student of the Word of God? If so, have you ever reached a point where you feel as if nothing challenges you like it once did? Maybe you can’t connect in a Bible study at church or even have a hard time functioning within the services in a Church body because something’s missing?

We have a tendency to either account for this lack by blaming ourselves, or the church, or we ignore the feeling all together. We read more Bible, pick it apart seeking more knowledge of God in it, pray more, listen to more good music, serve in more ministries all for trying to fill that void. Or we just keep doing what we’ve always done and blame it on our broken world and go on as if nothing will ever charge.

But what IF there were something we could do to experience God on a deeper level? Would we avoid it because we’re afraid of it? Or its beyond the church doctrine we’ve always known to be true or it’s even because our Spiritual senses are dulled down that we aren’t truly seeking change? New revelation to more of the unknown Spiritual workings of the Holy Spirit?

I mean really what would make God GOD if He didn’t have secrets that many miss or that take revelation from Him to experience? Isaiah 55 says, His ways are higher then our ways and also His thoughts far beyond our understanding. What if those ways are available to us when our hearts are seasoned just right to receive? Would He unveil those hidden things to only the hungry, those seeking truly after His truth?

What I experienced early in 2018 was mind blowing. It was FAR beyond incredible. Like nothing I could’ve ever seen coming. It actually brought clarity to what I had experienced with the Lord over all these years and just didn’t even realize. The Holy Spirit brought back to my mind the first instance this happened to me in a vision, many years earlier. It was then I realized these blips that would flash into my mind over the years of that instance of which could never figure out where they were from. Along with blips of instances He tried to teach me how to function in my Spiritual gifts but resisted because I didnt understand . And it all made sense as to how I wrote the book I did:


Not by my might or my power but by the Spirit, says the Lord (Zech 4.6). A combination of not being apart of a church that taught this part of faith stunted my understanding as well as my lack of going after more understanding of what I experienced.

In 2018 I listened to those around me share of also experiencing these and greater things and it built me up. I am a student of the Word of God and have been for quite a few years now. But after my eyes were opened to this picture of God and how truly BIG He is, I have to admit I had been knocked down to where I belonged. How much can we really understand when we think we know it all?

My Spiritual eyes are still being opened even now. I don’t understand it. These Kingdom truths I can’t get my arms around but for some reason that’s ok. I have read verses in the Bible and seen for myself that this stuff is real. It’s called the baptism of the Holy Spirit which ushers in the filling of the Holy Spirit (John 1.33). This is different then receiving the Holy Spirit when you are saved. And a good portion of our churches don’t talk about this. They dismiss it and say it’s a part of a dispensation that is long gone. But I’m afraid our churches lack of teaching and embracing it has caused us, the family of God, to be stunted in our growth. We need to search for truth. If we are going to be overcomers in this world we need a strength stronger then ourselves or even temporarily operating in the Spirits Power. We need a power that is available to us when we feed our Spiritual lives over our physical lives. When we nuture our Spiritual senses we can hear the Holy Spirit and be obedient, we are rewarded to experience God at greater depths (Heb 11.6).

As I continue to search I amazed by words such as POWER and AUTHORITY and really what they mean. And that we really do have them available for our use once we are baptized in the Holy Spirit.

If you feel dry in your walk with God let me encourage you to start seeking after more of God (Luke 11.9-13). Ask God to teach you more. Ask God to help you put things in order in your mind and heart so that you’re ready to receive open heartedly with child-like faith the truths that He will unleash. Your mind will be blown. It may take awhile to digest these truths but once they take hold in your heart MAN nothing can hold you back. It will unleash what the Greek Word in the Bible says over and over Jesus Himself had, exousia which means power, authority, right, freedom, and strength.

Tuesday night in January of 2018 I went to a meeting for a ministry I served in for the freedom service at my church and the room was packed. Pastor Jeff was in the room to answer any questions the leaders of the groups had in regards to the people at their tables. I began sensing God wanted me to ask how we could invite the Spirit to be apart of this ministry. I had an ongoing conversation in my head about how this question might take place. I told the Holy Spirit that He had to speak though me. And that I was depending upon Him to do just that. Then Ephesians 5:18 came to my mind Be not drunk with wine but be filled with the Holy Spirit. After a few questions and comments were made I raised my hand, opened my mouth and what came out I do not recall exactly. I just remember sensing the Holy Spirit breathing out of me the words that I spoke. The best way I can describe the feeling was it was sweet like music that came from my mouth. I could feel the Holy Spirit pounding in my chest so hard it was beating fast like my heart beat, except it was elsewhere in my chest. He was beating so hard I thought He was jumping into the air. And that if you were looking at me you’d see that.

When I spoke it was words of wisdom and knowledge that only God Himself could pour out of me. I said this ministry needs the Spirit of God to pour out on it. We have the power if filled by the Holy Spirit to raise up people, heal the sinner, and break bondage’s. I also said we should not have to see these people die. They can be freed. After I spoke, it was agreed about very casually by the Pastor running the meeting and virtually dismissed. They missed God and didn’t even know it. I did however, sense that one person could see God as I spoke. He looked at me differently then everyone else. That was Pastor Jeff.

One guy came up to me afterwords and said he totally agreed. He said he wasn’t sure about speaking in tongues but I objected and said that was a relevant gifting of the Holy Spirit. I told him I had been refilled just a couple of weeks earlier. Gave him a side hug, asked for his name. My prayer to God was for Him to please do something. Something that can only be explained by Him.

The following Saturday night service I was given another opportunity to sing in the worship band at church. This was the second or third time actually with a microphone and ears in to hear with. I went in prior to this feeling like I was missing the secret presence of God that I’d obtained at that Tuesday night meeting earlier in the week. And I really couldn’t figure out why. But I was prayed up before I went to practice. After practice however, I felt as if I had been snubbed by one or two people in the band. Whether or not I was or it just my inability I could feel, I do not know. But I felt compelled after practice to go by myself and get on one knee and ask God, and the Holy Spirit, for help.

We got back on stage for the worship service and I began to sing with the band. Really I didn’t feel prepared and I again asked the Holy Spirit to help me worship. Well He did. Right in the middle of one of the songs the Pastor jumps out on stage and began to talk. The ear piece to hear everything the band was doing was in my better ear. It had been hard to get it in so I didn’t take it out. With my weaker ear I tried my hardest to listen to what he spoke. I’d also felt like God had told me to leave the ear piece in.

I heard, ‘there was a girl who made some bad choices… one day she was driving in a car and came to an intersection where she couldn’t see. She went and a semi truck hit her car and pushed it. (This was when I covered my face turned to the side and started weeping). This girl was injured. She couldn’t walk, or talk. She had to relearn everything. Then he pointed to me. Well now here she is singing.’ Thats a shortened version of what he said but about only what I heard.

The applause came and the only thing I thought to do was lift my arm up and point upwards. To make it clear that ALL GLORY AND PRAISE BE TO GOD.

What God said in my spirit was ‘keep doing this for ME’.

I can’t understand the Holy Spirit. He is SUPERNATURAL in His workings . But by faith I can accept what I do understand. That is this: I receive POWER by faith. Asking for help that is beyond me. I now have dwelling in me a SUPERNATURAL power that is beyond my comprehension. I have to receive it by faith.

Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God that in due time He may lift you up (1 Peter 5:6).

I am waiting. God is not through with my story. I am waiting for HIM to do something through me that is only explained by HIS POWER. That’s the answer. I can’t understand it but I just believe so that I can receive . Be available to Him.

I’m glad to hear the Holy Spirit isn’t something I deserved and that’s why I got Him because I would’ve totally missed out on recieving Him. Instead, He’s a gift that I cannot lose.

We have not received the Spirit of the world but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us. This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, expressing Spiritual truths in Spiritual words (1 Cor 2.12-13).

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