What is prayer?

Prayer is something people have written about for centuries. However, can a writer really convey to a reader what exactly prayer is supposed or how to get the most out of it in a relationship with Jesus? Prayer is a learning process for any believer; you or me. It is the conversation alleyway between us and God.

Truly each new season of my life, I find myself relearning what exactly prayer is. When and how it’s done. It’s making me take an honest look deep within myself to gauge where my heart is. I am relearning that prayer is a time of reflection, a time to plead for God’s Hand to move and to declare His Word to help in situations but it’s also a time to worship God.
Just as at the beginning of every church service, there is a time of worship and praise through song, I am finding that I need this in my prayer time as well. In times passed I’ve tried this and I found it really aided me in my preparation for the day. It opened up a revitalization of God whispering and me hearing. Not just during my prayer time but it followed me right into my daily activity of life. I was more sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading in sharing Him with someone and taking that extra moment to be obedient to His leading.

My prayer time is my daily reminder that I need God more than anything else in this life. I wonder what is it for you? There was a time when it was something I did and checked off of my list of things to do but I find during this stage in my journey it has become so much more.

A Life Redone

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