The fruit of the [uncompromisingly] righteous is a tree of life and he who is wise captures human lives [for God, as a fisher of men – he gathers and receives them for eternity] (Pro 11:30).

I have always loved this verse. It’s a lofty bit of Wisdom Solomon penned long ago for us to live up to. The wisest calling and most important function for believers, both men and women, is to live with that on the forefront of their minds; gathering men and women to bring with them into eternity to bask in the presence of Jesus. Now that’s an awesome purpose!

Are you one of those people? Now you may not be someone who’s constantly looking for opportunities to share Christ with everyone. But do you see those obvious opportunities you’re given and take advantage of them when presented with them?  The most important task for the believer in this life, is to bring people into the family of Christ.

Lets face it. We are just not built to last. If we take care of our bodies we may get 80+ years out of them before crossing into eternity. While some get more. Others get less. There’s one of two places to end up. Heaven or hell. Who have you got to look forward to seeing in Heaven? Are there any people who have passed on before you that you know you will never see again? Does that thought not frighten you? It does me. I can think of at least a hand full of people that have died early in life that I know I’ll never see again. Sometimes thoughts of those people can haunt me and make me regret my past even more. Living out of the will of God for half of my lifetime, I was a stumbling block to many coming to Christ. But praise God I am now a new creation, who’s intentionally living to see others come to the saving knowledge and reach out for the grace of God that I now know. I am someone who genuinely looks for those opportunities to weave God into a conversation. It’s on the forefront of my mind, always.

Who’s around you everyday that you can plant seeds of truth from Gods Word in their path? The most important calling in life is to gather people to bring into Heaven. Look for those opportunities because they’re everywhere around you. Perk up. Listen intently for Gods direction and be prepared for His Spirit to speak through you. For who knows when you’re last breath will be or even the person next to you? We represent Christ to a dying world.  A good friend taught me this principle early in my walk. I am so grateful. Get busy doing what’s most important. Planting living trees of truth and gathering souls for heaven.

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