Undone. Redone. Have you ever felt the power or the pain and ache of those two words in your life? They certainly don’t paint a glorious picture in our minds. What do they mean and can or will they have to do with gaining momentum and being strong? To be redone we must first become undone. In order for us to see our need for God to do great work in our lives and to prepare our hearts to do His work through us, He must first help us to see how unfinished, unaccomplished, incomplete, and unfulfilled we are in and of ourselves. The Bible puts it like this: Those who exalt themselves will be humbled but he who humbles himself will be exalted (Matt 23:12).

When we look at the strong leaders in our churches or Christian leaders of our day we don’t consider that they may have to continually be humbled to be used like they are. We couldn’t imagine the trials or tests that the greatest Evangelist of our time Billy Graham had to endure, to be pollished in affliction, in order to be ready to lead thousands of people to the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ (Is 48:10). When I originally wrote this blog I went to a fairly large church made of several locations. And I’d sometimes hear of trials the pastor and his family endured and see how God used these things in their lives to refine and prepare them to do His work by His strength.

God has been fine-tuning my life now for nearly seventeen years. Sometimes the changes in my life happen while withstanding more intense trials and other times not so much but I do know that because of what God has taken me through He is preparing me for something. He has allowed me the privilege of writing a power-packed book that explains in depth, the undoing of my life. The book ends with an introduction of the redoing of my life.

The word redone is not a past tense tense word in my life. In fact, its an ongoing process and a requirement for growth and change as a follower of Christ. One of my favorite writers in the New Testament the Apostle Paul, said in the midst of his human frailty and dealing with an ongoing prickly circumstances in his life that God said He would show Himself the strongest, not when he had it all together, but in his limitations. When he was weak then God would show Himself strong (2 Cor 12:9).

I say all this as a comfort for you, as well as myself, to remind us that God is always up to something even when it feels like He’s up to nothing. God is always at work around us we just have to remain connected to the branch to sense how God is moving in circumstances and see how to get involved in His work (Jo 15:5).

A Life Redone: My Journey to a Life of Freedom

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