When we continually resist the promptings of the Holy Spirit or blatantly walk in disobedience we hurt ourselves. When we cannot decipher who is talking to us we’re in a dangerous place. If you ignore Gods voice long enough He leaves you to your sin and its’ consequences (Romans 1:28). That’s even more frightening. God only tells us to follow His guidance because it is for our benefit. The Scriptures say, “If anyone would come after me let him deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow me” ( Luke 9:23). Anyone living on planet earth knows that is very difficult command for to follow. This is because Satan screams at us to do things that please ourselves and bring about our desires our way, no matter the cost. If we aren’t sold out for Christ the actions and results can be detrimental both now and forever (Luke 9:25-26).

Consider which path your on and if you truly have the peace of God leading you in them or not. If not seek God with your whole heart you will find Him (Jere 29:13). If not it could cost you the dream you have in your heart. I know it did me.

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